New Generation Tennis Strings for Next Level Performance



Our flagship tennis string, Black Knight, blends power, control, durability and access to spin in a unique balance not experienced from any other string on the market. Named appropriately, it is truly the 'knight in shining armour' among tennis strings, acting as a saviour to every distressed tournament player.


The proverbial 'feel' is finally a reality with this low-powered touch string that enables superior access to spin and delivers an unexpected longevity that has astonished even the stubborn string breaker. Crushing performance with deft touch is no longer a dream in modern tennis. Elegance and style shouldn't be so elusive afterall.



Ghost Wire is the closest you would ever come to playing with an equivalent of silk threads. So soft, so slick, so precise that every swing would feel like oiling the next shot with high-viscosity lubricant. Kiss good bye to your elbow and wrist pain with this super round smooth string.


This red hot tennis string offers so much bite to the ball that the felt of the ball will rip right off. The struggle for power, spin and complete dominance over your opponent ends with Firewire. This festive season, surprise your opponent by blowing him off the court. Expect nothing less than worship & reverence from your opponents.



A high-end multifilament string made affordably. With more than 2000 microfibres (16 gauge), Triumph offers ultimate playability and arm friendliness. In addition, this gut-like string will elevate a competitor's playing experience with its optimal balance in power, control, and touch. This string is also a perfect match for hybrid string setups!

Lower Prices don't mean Lower Quality

Tennis, being an expensive sport, is cost-prohibitive for many people, especially in a developing country like India. To address this problem, Tier One Sports gathered a team of professionals and experts in the field to develop and test strings that we believe match or even succeed the best in the market. 

Our prices remain lower than those of other available strings because we don't pour millions of dollars in advertising and sponsoring elite players. We instead focus on continued research to improve the quality of our products, efforts to introduce new products and uncompromised service to our customers in order to improve our reach. Meanwhile, we pass on any savings to you, hence, a lower price.

Why Us?

Our production team was able to develop a co-polyester compound that is superior in tension stability and string stiffness to most poly strings in the tennis industry. Lab test results by the United States Racquet Stringers Association confirm this assertion. 

Additonally, our products have received exceptional reviews on major forums like "Tennis Warehouse" and "Stringforum" for many years. So have our products on Amazon US store.

As we enter the Indian marketplace, our hope is that the quality of our products will not escape the technical acumen of Indian tennis players.



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