Our Driving Force

Tennis, being an expensive sport, is cost-prohibitive for many people, especially in a developing country like India. Just having to consistently meet the cost of equipment prevents many talented players, whether junior or senior, from continuing to pursue the sport and developing their talent to compete professionally.

We, having faced similar challenges, decided to do something about it. Consequently, Tier One Sports gathered a team of professionals and experts in the field to develop and test strings that we believe match or even succeed the best in the market. Yet, we have ensured that our products should be within reach of the global community, the majority of whom expect tennis equipment to be priced reasonably and humbly, so they don't have to choose between the sport and other essential life decisions. We decided to ensure that their tennis journey continued without their personal finances becoming an impediment.

Thus, we invite you to join the bandwagon and become a part of the exciting Tier One Sports community that has access to world-class strings at prices that won't break your banks and will allow every one of us to keep alive the fire of passion that makes our sport one of the fastest growing in the world.

In India, we are joining hands with Aseemaant Trading Enterprises to bring our world-class strings to the Indian tennis community, which is often regarded for its touch game, career longevity, and ever-growing presence on the international tennis platform.

Our Journey

Through our tennis journey we learned to realise that besides working hard on and off the court, the quality of sports equipment can be a deciding factor in the performance of a player. While there are many branded and unbranded strings available in the market, none addresses players' issues like we do. We developed and tested wholesome strings for all levels of players so they don't have to constantly search for 'something new'.

After successfully giving a feel of our strings to tennis players in North America & Europe, we decided to bring our products to the next big breeding ground of tennis players, i.e. India. And our hope remains that the quality of our products will not escape the technical acumen of an Indian tennis player either.

Being The Underdog

The tennis business is a very competitive industry and Tier One Sports India understands that it is competing against big global brands that spend millions of dollars in advertising and product marketing. Of course, we will lose the "advertising battle" as we don't want to render our products expensive by paying unreasonable sums of money to elite players, but we don't mind. Through rigorous product testing, we believe in the quality of our products (and our customers seem to do as well...). You can simply visit our strings pages to see the lab results authenticated by USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association). In addition, we pride ourselves in offering a quick and friendly customer service as we stand ready to give personalised tennis string advice.